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Hotel "Urbihop", Ąžuolyno str. 7, Vilnius

Welcome and introduction

  • Presentation of the participants
  • Introduction to the day
  • Purpose and goal
Hotel "Urbihop", Ąžuolyno str. 7, Vilnius

Employer Branding, Employee Journey and Employee Experience

  • Introduction to the terms
  • Trends
  • ROI and authentic cases
Hotel "Urbihop", Ąžuolyno str. 7, Vilnius

Talents and Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

  • Generation ’connected’ – how to attract and keep todays’ talents
  • How to identify your target groups on the talent market
  • Unique selling points as an employer
  • Positioning on the job market
Hotel "Urbihop", Ąžuolyno str. 7, Vilnius

Exercise – identifying the purpose with being part of your organization and what is unique about your workplace

  • Practice: try creating an employee value proposition (EVP)
13:00–14:00 Lunch break
Hotel "Urbihop", Ąžuolyno str. 7, Vilnius

Employee Experience and Employee Journey Mapping (EJM)

  • Introduction to the concepts
  • How to secure the quality of the employee experience
  • Case
  • Practice – create your company’s employee journey with an EJM where you identify the different stages, channels and touch points.
15:30–15:45 Coffee break
Hotel "Urbihop", Ąžuolyno str. 7, Vilnius

Practice – identify your organizations’ talent challenges

  • You will learn how to identify your organizations’ challenges from the employee journey perspective
Hotel "Urbihop", Ąžuolyno str. 7, Vilnius

How to create an attraction and engagement program

  • Improve the way you attract and retain the best employees
  • Case
  • How to measure the employee experience

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