Webinar. How to create websites people love to convert to

  • The powerful emotional targeting method to increase conversions for the clients
  • A step-by-step process for discovering your prospect's emotions and how to leverage them to increase conversions
26th of August 10 AM
Webinar language – English

About webinar:

All the analytics, automation tools, machine learning, and other buzzwords in the world will never help you create high-converting experiences for your prospects if you fail to leverage the one component that matters more than anything else in marketing: Emotion. 

In this session, Talia Wolf,  Conversion Optimization Specialist, will show us how to tap into the different emotional triggers that persuade people’s purchasing decisions and how to increase conversions doing so. 


40-minute webinar and 20 min Q&A session



Talia is one of the rare speakers who can simultaneously command a room, provide unique, actionable information, and maintain humour, humility, and entertainment throughout. If you have a chance to work with Talia, invite her to your event, or to see her speak in person, don’t miss it. Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz


Talia spoke at our conference, and she pulled one of the boldest moves I’ve seen a speaker make. She turned her session into a live workshop with a *very* lucky attendee. Talia is not only an original, talented (and very charming) speaker, she’s also the purest form of an entrepreneur. Oli Gardner, Co-founder Unbounce


Talia Wolf

Hi, I’m Talia, Conversion Optimization Specialist, and I’m here to help you increase conversions and grow your business by creating experiences your customers will LOVE to convert to.

How I do it: I help businesses get into their customers’ heads. I use emotional targeting and customer-centricity to generate more revenues, leads, engagements and sales for my clients and students.

As the founder of "GetUplift", Talia and her team provide conversion optimization services for high-growth companies using customer-centric methods, emotional targeting strategies and data-driven analysis.

Talia has been invited to teach conversion optimization on hundreds of stages such as Google, MozCon, Call To Action Conference, SearchLove, and many more and was recently listed as one of the most influential experts in conversion optimization.


Talia Wolf
Talia Wolf
Conversion Optimization Specialist

Talia Wolf
Conversion Optimization Specialist


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